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Bienvenidos a Candelaria Law

Candelaria Law is a New Mexico law firm serving the legal needs of New Mexicans and their families from across the Land of Enchantment.

Our law firm is deeply rooted in New Mexico. ¡Somos de Burque! As New Mexicans, we are committed to treating all of our partners with respect. And we never compromise our integrity.

We are deeply committed to the growth and success of New Mexico. We are a resource for our community and we invest in our community. 

Challenges and opportunities arise. The legal system can be used to both seize opportunity or to mitigate risk. In the end, we advise clients to always focus on the why.

Your fight for justice is why we’re here

Los abogados hablan Español

Jacob is so patient, kind, loving, and intelligent. He not only guided us step by step throughout our entire journey but he took the time to explain things and fought for us when we felt helpless. I am so happy and honored to call him our lawyer and now our friend.

Andreana T.

Mr. Candelaria took the time to explain the whole process to me from beginning to end. He was patient with my questions and never made me feel like I was bothering him, in fact he made me feel he was happy to be there and help me.


Chris H.